Take your Idea from Lightbulb to Launch with this unique Mastermind Program

A 9 week intensive program that combines live webinars, with small group Mastermind to guide you through the two most important things any new business owner can do:

  • Apply Design Thinking to develop a unique offer to a specific market
  • Understand your own Entrepreneurial Talents and Blindspots

What is Design Thinking?

Design Thinking is a staged process that combines research and data gathering with creative thinking. It has been used to create the most successful start-ups in the world in the tech space and is now considered best practice for starting a business.

Using this process you will take your idea and develop it into an Offer - a product or service that you can sell.

Getting your thinking right at the very beginning, before you become wed to your first idea through detailed business plans, is key to NOT wasting your time and money. This process will speed up the learning process to get to an offer that sells.

A Staged Process to Follow

Over 9 weeks, this intensive program combines e-learning content with a Mastermind Group to support you to take your business idea through the same rigorous process used by start-up accelerators.

1. Understand the problem space your business is working in

2. Define who your customers are and gather real data about their perspective

3. Look at the problem you are attempting to solve from new angles

4. Engage in idea generation and selection based on the data

5. Take one idea through to prototype to test user interest early

6. Create a pitch to pull it all together

When you use this process to combine research/data with creative thinking you can expect to:

  • come up with an offer to the market that will be different to your competitors
  • find it easy to create your marketing messages

Each week, in a group of no more than 6 people, you will have 15 mins in a hot-seat format to get support to apply design thinking tools to your business and process the learning that comes from this.

Each week, there will be clear tasks and tools, mapped to the staged process

At the same time as you are developing an offer from your idea for a business, you will receive your individual results for the Entrepreneur Profile and 12 months access to the Mindset Map to Success eLearning to help understand them

Why talk about mindset when there is so much TO DO?

Because your talent is the 'the secret sauce' in your business

Investors in start-ups know that the talent of the Founder is the secret sauce to business success; in fact, they pride themselves in ‘talent spotting’ the best people to bet on, and they see it as a bigger predictor of success than the initial business idea.

Thanks to solid scientific research, there is now a clear map of the mindset of successful business builders and an understanding of exactly how their thinking, motivation, and attitude patterns contribute to success or failure. This is so solid that even experienced investors are turning to this research to help them 'talent spot' before putting their money down.

If you are already spending your savings and investing your time into a business unpaid, then YOU are your own biggest investor. This e-learning offers you access to exactly the same Entrepreneur Profile. In our interactive lessons, we will tell you just how much of a millionaire mindset you already have, and raise the alarm about any thinking patterns that correlate with bankruptcy.

This is NOT a measurement of personality and it is NOT going to pop you in a box, or give you a 'type' or a 'colour'. It IS a measurement of patterns that you can choose to change.

If you don't want to wait 5 - 10 years to figure out how you need to BE to succeed in business, you don't have to anymore.

This is what you will find out

Your Superpowers

We show you all the thinking patterns that you share with people who built a business from scratch and sold it for between $6 Million - $1.2 Billion

Your Blindspots

We make sure you know about any thinking patterns that you share with people who were Bankrupted by their business venture

These are just some of the things you will learn about yourself in this online learning....


We all know that successful business people move faster than most. You will find out if you move fast enough, or too fast.

Trigger to Act

Do you have the right balance between seeing/focussing and acting on 'making something good happen' vs 'preventing something bad happening'?

Relationship to Change

What is your appetite for change? Is it not enough to respond to the market as it shifts, or too much for business stability?

Approach to Tasks

When it comes down to the level of tasks, how much time do you spend thinking, planning and doing? Will you spend too much time on the wrong thing?


Do you like working with money as much as you need to? Are you interested enough in Money to see opportunities to make more and to track the profitability of your business?


How confident are you in your own thinking? Are you too influenced by the opinions of others?

Decision Making

How do you make decisions? What influences your decisions the most? Do you have the decision-making pattern that correlates with bankruptcy or the pattern that correlates with success?


Are you motivated to build a team?

Do you share the motivation patterns that people who network and build relationships with investors have?

Relationship to Change

Is the timeframe that motivates you the one that correlates with a Big Vision of what is possible? The kind that keeps people going when things get tough...

Your Facilitator and Coach

Grace Minton is a qualified Coach (ICF PCC) with over 10 years business experience. Grace has founded, joined or co-founded multiple businesses and has experienced the good, the bad and the ugly of business building.

As a Coach Trainer, Grace has mentored graduates in their initial stage of business and has developed a passion for supporting new business owners to succeed.

Grace is an experienced Group Coach and has studied Mastermind Facilitation with the best in the business. Grace holds a qualification in Design Thinking and combines this with her own experience of business building to help others smooth their initial start-up experience as much as possible.

Grace is a Co-Founder of The Entrepreneur Arena Community for small business owners. She is the lead facilitator of the Mindset Map to Success program that is incorporated into this program. Participants will be able to utilise their time in the mastermind to get assistance with their action learning tasks, or utilise the time for coaching on their mindset results.

Individual Coaching Session

Because it is common to need some intensive support, this program includes 1 x 60 min Individual Coaching session to use to get unstuck on your project or to understand your individual Mindset results more deeply.

Participants can book this session at any time over the 9 weeks.

Live Sessions and Group Contact

Webinars will be presented live and recorded for those who cannot attend. The recordings will be available at the beginning of each week to focus action for the coming week.

You will need 8 hours minimum per week to participate in the group and do the tasks in the design process. The more time you can invest, the better the outcome you will get in your project.

Options for Mastermind Group Live Meeting Times

These times are for the Live Mastermind Group of 2 hours, weekly. You can use Timezone Converter here to see the time for you.

You will be able to ask questions on a chat and connect with the Facilitator and with other members of the group, between the live sessions.

The next group will commence when there are 6 people registered for a specific time. We will also consider matching people with others who have similar levels of business experience.

Please register with a deposit to secure your place.

The next group will not commence before 24th of January 2022.

Participants in the U.S.


6 pm - 8 pm Central Time

4 pm - 6 pm Pacific Time

Participants in Australia


3 pm - 5 pm AWST

6 pm - 8 pm AEST


8 am - 10 am AWST

11 am - 1 pm AEST

If you cannot attend any of these times in the future, and are disappointed, please complete the contact us form to connect with us.

Who is this Program for?

There are two audiences for this program and groups are formed with this difference in mind:

  1. People who are 100% new to business
  2. Small business owners and solopreneurs looking to 'pivot', or improve an existing business by going back to the fundamentals of how you deliver value

You will only need to know ONE of the following to join:

  • Who you want to work with
  • What the problem you want to solve for your customers is
  • What you want to do

We put design thinking into practice ourselves. This program has been developed through a design thinking process, all the way to prototyping.

Right now we are testing it with its first ‘full run’ with live webinars and at half the price point. Participants in this group will have a high level of influence on the design of the program itself.

Your Outcomes from this Program

Turn your ideas into a prototype of an offer that you have received feedback on and can focus on improving, or drop

Have enough clarity on the opportunity to articulate it as a 'pitch' as if to an investor

Understand the talents you have that you can feel confident in, and where you need to get out of the way of your own success

Business Start-up Bootcamp

  • 9 weeks of webinars and small group mastermind to support you to put the learning into practice in a project
  • 60 min Individual Coaching Session
  • Your personal Entrepreneur Profile results
  • Access to The Mindset Map To Success E-learning

An intensive action learning program to turn your idea into an Offer and discover your talents for business building

Launch Price $715

For January 2022 Program Only

Payment Options:

Upfront payment of $715, save 11%

Payment over 3 months @ $266 per month

Deposit of $143, with balance due following confirmation of dates

Would you like more information before registering?

Please contact us with any questions here and we will be happy to connect by email or in an online meeting.

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